Reviews For Scalp Acne:

Best Scalp Acne and Pimple Shampoos:

Zinc Based

best scalp pimples products

The hands down winner!

Tea Tree Shampoo

2nd best shampoo for bumps on the head


Purity Pure

3rd best shampoo

A Distant 3rd place!

Here Is The #1 Seller!

scalp acne shampoos

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If you would like to learn more about the products then simply click on the link to follow the products to the manufacturers website. These products were reviewed based on smell, overall effectiveness and cost basis. Scalp bumps and zits can be located anywhere on the head and can become quite bothersome and last longer than regular acne if not treated effectively. Most products on the market are not effective against these bumps or zits because they cannot get down into the follicle of the hair. This is vital since this is where the bacterial imbalance occurs. This imbalance happens when sticky products such as hair sprays, hair gels, oils and cheap shampoos actually pull dirt from the hair to the hair follicle opening. These mix with your scalp oils and become infested with the bacteria that causes the bumps. This bacteria as well as the hair sprays, gels, and shampoo residue must all be removed. The shampoos that do this best are listed above.

For those that suffer from scalp problems that include flaking, itching and dandruff we strongly suggest that you learn more about healthier scalp products. They are out there and can help to eliminate your symptoms fast.

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